What You Get

How much food is in the Co-op basket?

The amount of food will vary somewhere between 15 and 30 pounds. The amount of items are fairly general, three pounds or so of each fruit, and one or two of the vegetable items, such as lettuce. Vegetable and fruit amounts may vary, as the weights could be different, depending on what we receive for your particular basket.


Are there other products I can get in my basket besides fruits and vegetables?

Yes! Besides produce, you can also get certified angus beef, chicken, and local honey.


Needing more than you’re getting?

You may order directly from us by emailing a week prior to the date of delivery. We need a week so we will have time to assemble your personal basket. You can also order either a fruit or vegetable share, in which you will get more of the particular type of food. Fruit shares are $30 and vegetable shares are $16.