Walnut Creek Farm Texas

As you know, here at Walnut Creek Farm, we have been hard at work for the last few months building a new greenhouse which is going to help us meet the growing demand for fresh produce all year long from DFW school districts.  This is a huge undertaking and one that we are super proud and excited about.

We expect the final touches to be put onto the greenhouse in the next 30 days which will allow us to get the greenhouse started  up and it’s acclimation period started.  In aquaponics, it is critical that the entire ecosystem, especially the fish, are fully acclimated to the new environment before we begin growing.  The greenhouse will need about 30 more days for this acclimation period and then we will be able to begin growing our first crop.

If you are interested in wholesale meat and produce then head on over to our commercial/wholesale site at http://www.wcftxfoods.com.  We specialize in servicing North Texas and Dallas/Ft. Worth schools, restaurants, senior centers, and other institutions.  We offer both local and non-local, organic and non-organic, fresh and healthy fruits, vegetables, and meats.

Below are some new pictures of the greenhouse: